So, here I am, for the first time in the wonderful world of Blog. Exciting times. I suppose the best place to start would be to let you know who I am, so here goes….

I love this crazy life of mine 99% of the time…and especially my fantastically supportive, beautiful friends who make it so very special. I have a fuzzy weird proud attachment to London with all its cosmopolitan charm….and my second home is Ibiza, but not the seedy side you see on the documentaries. The island is beautiful and spiritual and full of surprises, if you haven’t visited, I recommend you go…its magic. 



I like lazy summer days in parks or by the river and sunny evenings spent with lovely people. Pink sky makes me smile. I love red wine, especially a wonderful Malbec, but unfortunately it doesn’t love me….these days I’m better friends with a dry Martini…vodka and an olive, sublime. I travel as often as possible, by plane, boat, train, and random UK road trips to spots like Brighton, what a place. I love finding hidden gems…sexy little boutiques, deli’s, restaurants…& I’m a total coffee addict (skinny lattes with an extra shot – delicious). Photographs are special so I take a lot and cherish the memories…and am at my happiest by the seaside, even when its raining. 


I don’t like people who trample on other peoples sunshine…there’s no need…play nicely. I’m fiercely against banana eating unless they’re well disguised in banana bread, and am not particularly keen on foreign call centres either – frustrating when I’m in a hurry. I’m happy. I like a lot more than I don’t like which I think is a good thing. I wish I wasn’t shallow but can’t help it, I worship the fashion Gods…I have a wardrobe full of dreams, clothes all over my floor, and nothing to wear, ever. 


I’m intelligent but have absolutely NO common sense, thought it might come with age but, no, not so far. I give very good advice but am not so good at taking it. I rarely sleep more than 3 hours a night, am still nearly always smiling, I laugh too loudly & am luckily less unhealthy than I used to be. I will always miss my Grandad madly.


I’m a Party Princess turned Domestic Goddess – will leave the 24hr partying to the kids now and make cakes instead! I love laughing so hard I think I’m going to die, Edward Monkton cards, Jensdays, rainbows, the smell of books, open spaces and making the important people feel good. I’m afraid of clowns, & have problems with taking the rubbish out, Mr Hit & Run, getting tangled in the covers and always being too far away, no matter where I go.


~ by This Little Lady on March 24, 2009.

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