Recovery: Day 1…

Sooo…it’s been about 24 hours since I came round from my procedure, which was meant to relieve pain in my back and shoulder. I can assure you, it hasn’t worked (YET) although I’m going to be a patient patient…

I’m finding something even more depressing than the hurts though. More depressing than missing out on partying with the boy at Keeley Hazells Muse Management launch tonight (which would have been better for him than me by the way)…more depressing than having to wear flats instead of heels for the next 3-6 months (Eurghh)…& worse even than the knowledge that as I can’t get to the shops I’ve spent far too much money on ASOS today…
I have no food in the fridge! I am having to resort to beans on toast. I am not happy.
Tomorrow though, my over excessive, treat myself as I’m in recovery, yummy scrummy Waitrose order will be delivered, YAY! I’m planning on dragging myself into that kitchen, hobbling about a bit, and with the help of some uber-strong painkillers and a bit of luck, making my delicious version of veggie lasagne and a moist, sumptuous banana bread for afters…
Yum. My mouth is watering already. For now though, disappointingly, I’m off to open a can.

~ by This Little Lady on March 25, 2009.

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