What a Weekend!

I love Sundays.

It’s such a lovely day to do nothing. Although, as I’m famous for my fidgeting, I’ve never really been that great at sitting still. So with my bad back and achey knee…I’ve just got back from a sunny walk down the river with the puppy, painted my nails, have a carrot cake baking in the oven and making the house smell YUM, & to make things even better, the roomy has just put Footloose on…DANCE IT OUT as we say in our house!

This whole weekend has been blissful. Fridays party was even better than expected, although the injuries certaily took their toll and this little Party Princess was home by midnight, for possibly the first time in history! I’ve seen a few photo’s from after I left and it looks like the fun continued for some time….

Yesterday was spent road-tripping with the boy, eating too much and watching movies. My pain levels were pretty high, so we stayed in & got involved with WWF‘s Earth Hour, adding weight to the fight against climate change. What a fantastic concept and a worldwide success…even though I had to question whether using the fridge light to see in the kitchen was allowed, or if it was considered cheating??

So…am now over-excited about eating cake (again) as am just about to ice it with some orange cream frosting – and even more excited about some FANTASTIC clothes I’m about to put in my online shopping basket! As some of you may know, I’ve been truly stressed out about the enforced lack of heels in my life recently, so I went seeking outfit advice from the ultra-talented Fashion Fairy (otherwise known as Sara) at ASOS on the recommendation of my Twitter Pal @ASOS_Nat. She came through with some absolute beauties, including this Antik Batik piece, a stunning Ella Luna silk dress & this colourful Prophecy number. I’m a bit of a boho chick at heart, so looks like I’ll be teaming up my maxi dresses with some bangles, necklaces and a pair of gladiator sandals this Summer. Who needs heels anyway when you have help from those lovely girls at ASOS?!


~ by This Little Lady on March 29, 2009.

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