Lovely Stuff.

I am a huge fan of stuff. Not just any old stuff though. It has to be lovely stuff.

You see, I think there’s a thin line between stuff and junk…and I have never been one for junk. I move on average twice a year (I’m restless, don’t hate me) and I’m ruthless with what I take and what I chuck. Junk will be thrown in the nearest skip. But stuff, my lovely stuff…Stuff I keep.

Some stuff is little, some stuff is big. Much has no value, yet some is priceless. But absolutely none of my stuff is selected, or loved or treasured because of what it costs. It’s only about what it’s worth, to me, and the memories or happiness that piece of stuff brings.

The stuff I carry from place to place includes handwritten letters from friends in time gone by, some happy, some sad. doog2Loving scrappy notes from my darling Grandad that I found under the seat of my car just weeks after he went. Tickets from shows, events, boxes of photos of things I’d forgotten but make me smile. There’s the necklace I got for my 23rd birthday from someone important – the only piece of jewellery I’ve never lost. shadesMy second hand camera, with which I document my life. Books, a thousand books – biographies, history, trash, classics – first editions. My vintage shades, my hats. The song that was written for me. A hand commissioned piece of artwork from an amazing person for my 30th. A liberty scarf . The receipt from my first date with The Boy. My puppy. An Edward Monkton address book, which was a gift from a friend. All lovely stuff.

There’s also stuff I lust after.

Photo by Victoria Pearson, for House Beautiful

Photo by Victoria Pearson, for House Beautiful

Classic suitcases, a vintage Alaia dress, a passport stamped on every page, beautiful bedroom furniture and a retro cake stand.


I’m sitting here, looking around me and I’m totally sure of what matters. If, one awful day there was a fire and I had to save my things, I would leave my gadgets and gizmo’s. There’d be no time to rescue 16 drawers and a storage closet full of clothes, or a ridiculously large TV, or this battered old laptop.

I would rescue my boxes of memories, my history.

My lovely, lovely stuff.


~ by This Little Lady on April 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lovely Stuff.”

  1. What a beautiful post! It makes me appreciate my stuff more too. I love looking through old photos and going through my books and clothes. I do have decluttering sessions, but there are things I’ll always keep (including some handwritten recipes from my mum!).

  2. […] people I thought were friends, lost my job, even lost my mind sometimes. None of it matters. What I have now is so much more worthwhile, and brings so much more […]

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