Today is The Boys birthday.

The Boy doesn’t really “do” birthdays. I do. I love them. I like buying presents, planning surprises, seeing people happy. It’s fun. I enjoy listening to what people tell me when they talk aimlessly and think no-ones really paying any attention – I take it all in and mentally create lists of perfect gifts for the important people. Not just for big occasions either – I love seeing how it can brighten someones day to surprise them with a small thoughtful gift for no reason, particularly when it’s something they really want.

So the gift part was simple. That, along with champagne and a perfect steak at Goodman in Mayfair last night seemed to make The Boy a very happy boy indeed.

The bit that I found tricky though, was what to write in the card, and this surprised me. You see, I love The Boy an awfullove lot, and I’m usually pretty good with words. I don’t often find myself tongue-tied, or speechless. Yet I realised that simply writing “I Love You”, didn’t quite seem enough now. I realised that three words didn’t explain how grateful I am for him being in my life, doesn’t explain that I still get butterflies when I see him, even after all this time, or how I know that I’m finally in the place that I was meant to be.

It couldn’t be cliched or soppy either. I didn’t want to fill the card with cheesy sentimentality, or paragraphs of mush. That’s not my way – and he knows that better than most.

I wrote my message after some careful thought. One sentence, ten words, written in black ink and there forever. And as he woke up and opened his card this morning, I think he liked it.  

The whole thing made me think though, about how hard it can be to express the way you feel and what love means to different people. I came across this Story Project by Smith Magazine. A collection of thoughts, in six words only, about Love and Heartache. Some are happy, some are incredibly sad. These are some of my favourites;

Know your stories like my own – SmartCookie

Happy to be holding your hand – Carnita

Heart still pounds after fifty years – Rivernest

I think it’s a fantastic, thought-provoking project. Would you be able to describe the way you feel about love in just six simple words? And if so, what would those words be?


~ by This Little Lady on April 17, 2009.

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