Puppy Love

On my bad days, it hurts too much to sit upright. It doesn’t matter whether I try to sit up in bed, lounge on the sofa or sit at  my desk. My back will seize, my neck will ache – I’ll get frustrated. I don’t like getting frustrated.

My boySo I’ve learnt to set up my little camp on the floor.

I’m like a kid in a den. I have my blankets and duvet down to soften the floor, cushions under my knee and elbows, laptop in front, and my supplies within reaching distance. It’s quite cool.

Now, the puppy doesn’t understand why I’ve taken to lay on the floor, but he knows that something isn’t right. He doesn’t clambers all over me like he usually would, but lays down next to me, as close as he can, watching me and occasionally tapping away with his puppy paws on my keyboard, or nudging me with his dougalnose to remind me he’s there.

Sometimes we play ball. Sometimes we sleep. He makes me smile a hundred times a day.

How cute is he?!


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~ by This Little Lady on April 23, 2009.

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