Bikini Body Bargains!

Fitness @ WahandaThe sun is shining, people are finally SMILING and nearly everyone I know is talking about holidays, bikinis and beach bodies!

I must admit, one of the things I miss most since my accident is full on exercise – I love the way you feel after a session at the gym, horse riding in a park or a long run along the river. I get an teensy bit jealous of my friends getting all super-fit for Summer, but with the help of gallons of water and healthy eating (plus the blessing of good genes!) I’m not doing too bad….

One thing I still make the most of though, whenever I can, is the spa. Whilst the girls are jumping around to Dance tracks in their aerobics class, or swimming 50 lengths in the pool, I’ll quite happily be found relaxing in the Jacuzzi, or testing out the latest massage treatment…Never a chore, always a pleasure!

Spa @ Wahanda

So whether you’re a lounge lover like me, or a gym bunny like them, you can rejoice this month, thanks to the lovely guys at Wahanda

Their site site is a wellness encyclopedia – with directories of spa’s, salons and fitness centres; details of treatments and classes; it’s own community where you can find out lots of useful stuff; and my favourite bit….DEALS!

There are so many lovely special offers I couldn’t possibly list them all here, but they include:



I seriously love this site – me and the girls are going to make the most out of the 2 for 1’s and start getting pampered in time for our holidays. You can even buy Gift Vouchers, which I think would make a pretty amazing present for someone this Summer…or why not just treat yourself? You know you’re worth it….


~ by This Little Lady on April 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bikini Body Bargains!”

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  2. Hey I think this blog is really interesting 🙂

  3. Cool!

  4. Simple rules to follow for people new to this …..

    Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training

    Heavy Vibration = Training

    Light Vibration = Therapy

  5. Hi,

    I am fairly new to this whole blogging thing, and yours is the first I have read by clicking on the tags in my blog.

    I have a bad back, but am trying to get fit and maybe loose a bit of weight in the process. I tried a power plate at the gym last night and was really impressed. Did you try it too? I found the best one is where you sit with your back lent on it. Best massage I have had in ages.


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