Love at first sight…

OK, so I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to love at first sight, and I’m pleased to say my instincts haven’t let me down so far. After all, I knew the second that I saw The Boy that it was a happily ever after story. The moment I saw the puppy I knew I was in it for keeps. And I was 100% smitten the instant I laid eyes on e.g…

e.g… is the lovechild of new UK Designer Emma Griffiths, a graduate of Westminster University, and her partner Jeanpierre Kalebic. Emma cut her teeth working for prestigious names such as Alexander McQueen and Boudicca, and this pedigree shines though in her work – its clear that e.g… plan on following in their ridiculously successful footsteps. The designs are strong and powerful, yet feminine; think of a girly, modern take on 80’s power dressing and you’d be partway there.

Personally, I love the way that Emma combines sharp silhouettes with flowing lines – her pieces are bang on trend for this season. Check out the exaggerated shoulders on the Tailored Ribbon Jacket, or the sexy, flowing shape of the Cream Summer Dress…in fact check out the entire collection. It’s GORGEOUS!

Tailored Ribbon Jacket - Body Con Dress - Ribbon Dress Dress - Taffeta Coat - Jersey Hooded Shrug -


~ by This Little Lady on May 12, 2009.

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