Make Up Sex…

The Boy and I have had a few disagreements since our holiday. We never argued before we went.

I suspect it has something to do with spending approximately 408 hours in each others company. Just us. No friends on the phone, no escape to work, no time in the other room. Just me and you baby. For 16 days. Plus flights.

Wow. I haven’t been on a two week, one place, lay down and do absolutely nothing with a boyfriend since I was 18. And he was an arse. So whilst I was excited about getting The Boy to myself for all that time and looking forward to the holiday, I was also a little nervous…

You see, when I’m tired, I have the patience of a gnat. And an impatient gnat at that. And I know it all too well. My friends call me up on it, especially if I’m in a lot of pain. I blame the morphine obviously, but it could just as easily be a horrible personality flaw inherited from someone or another. Who knows?! I’m calm, serene and chilled 95% of the time. But then it creeps up on me and before you know it, your head is bitten off. Sorry.

Anyway, I’m aware its not one of my most attractive qualities and I do my very best to keep it in check and smile sweetly. I didn’t manage to smile quite so sweetly after about 120 hours in the company of a semi deaf person though. Oh no. Being asked to repeat nearly everything I said was starting to grate. Even more so, was the fact that The Boy makes an odd face to accompany his grunting sound, which he assures me is meant to mean “pardon?” in Boy language.

Make Up SexBut hold on. This is a post with a happy ending, not a break up (Yay!)

After about 300 hours of grunting and moaning (read that how you will), we realised that if my impatience and his semi-deafness were all we had to worry about, we were doing OK. Yes, we can both be a titchy little bit annoying  when we’re together 24 hours a day. Yes I wish he’d get his ears fixed. Yes, he wishes I’d get a decent nights sleep every now and then. Yes, I play my iPod on shuffle & you never know what you’re going to get. Yes, he sprays so much mozzie spray you think you’ve been gassed….

But you know what? It’s OK. I came back more in love than I went. It made me realise that I love him despite any minor irritations, and he loves me back. If we’re annoyed, we get the hump, talk about it and then decide not to go to sleep angry with each other. Yep, we bicker, we disagree, I’m stubborn, he’s careless. But we laugh a lot. He makes me genuinely happy. And if a good man like him likes being with a chaotic girl like me, we might just be on to a winner.

I’ve come to the conclusion its healthy to have a good old row every now and then. After all, without them you don’t get to have any make up sex.




~ by This Little Lady on July 16, 2009.

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