Not the most fun I’ve ever had in bed, but….

I’m in a lot of pain. Moan Moan. Knee’s bad, back’s bad, neck’s bad, shoulder is bloody awful.

But my mind is fine thank you very much, so I would like to do thinking-like activities.

OK, so I’ve accepted that I can’t do a 9-5 at the moment. The fact that I’m in hospital or clinics most days, am medicated off my face, can’t get any sleep and can only sit up straight for a mere number of minutes are hardly conducive for a productive day in the office. But just because the nasty hit & run man has made my body poorly, I’m not going to let him steal my brain as well. Oh no.

Bed OfficeSo, for the boring and quite frankly soul destroying times when its a genuine struggle to get up and make it to the real world…I have created BED OFFICE!

Its a magical place, where I can tip-tap away on my lovely laptop (which is dying…eeeeek….no money for a new one) whilst reclining on a fluffy pile of pillows, with the puppy snoring quietly next to me & rubbish daytime TV buzzing away in the background.

I like it.

Indeed, I like it so much I must be careful not to get lazy and get in the habit of staying in bed office when I’m OK to get up and get about – as that would be just plain wrong. But me and my piles of paperwork are happy here on bad days. I seem to get a fair amount of nothing important done. And it doesn’t hurt much, which is a bonus.

There’s only one problem. It’s much too far away from the kettle. Thank God I never bought a Teasmade…I suspect I’d never leave!


~ by This Little Lady on July 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Not the most fun I’ve ever had in bed, but….”

  1. Hear hear!

    An inspiration to us all. Make the bed office work :).

  2. […] I’m a little bit spacey this morning after a bad night and lots and lots of medication, so all hopes of getting out and visiting the real world have been put on hold and I’m making the most of lovely Bed Office! […]

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