Are you a Lover or a Fighter?

love-heart-cloudI am most definitely a lover not a fighter.

I love to love things. I love everything, from the sparkly to the sentimental. I like making people I love feel good, and I love seeing people I like smile.

Occasionally though, I get caught up in a row. Usually when I’m in pain, like today. And when I do, even though they’re rare, I’m quite good at them. I will take that chance to gather up every little piece of frustration that might be totally unrelated and that I may not have even known exist until that moment and vent it, in a very matter of fact way.


As I write this I’m reeling from having just managed to get into a silly argument, via text, with The Boy. It was over nothing, but now it’s about everything. And I genuinely have no idea why. He did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong either. There was absolutely no reason to say anything other than Night Night, Love you.

I wish we lived together so we could have a good old face to face barney then go to sleep curled up in each other & wake up ridiculously loved up again.

Instead, I have absoloutely no idea if we’ll be talking tomorrow.

I hope we are.


~ by This Little Lady on July 27, 2009.

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