It’s Lunacy…

But I like it!

I’m a little bit spacey this morning after a bad night and lots and lots of medication, so all hopes of getting out and visiting the real world have been put on hold and I’m making the most of lovely Bed Office!

I was meant to get out and go to the shops today but I look so grotty I think I’d scare children…so I’ll have to make do with some online treats for now…

Much as I love ASOS and good old TopShop, I like to wear outfits that surprise people some of the time. I love finding sneaky little online boutiques that sell little treasures that none of my friends with real lives have the time to find….But as I’m nice, so I’ll share them with you lovely lot!

First up, I recently found Lunacy. This is a sweet little boutique, with their pants purses, crazy costume jewellery and some ultra-quirky pieces that I reckon would fit nicely in my (already ridiculously overstuffed) wardrobe. Currently loving the Elsie Birch boots that are happily on sale!

Next, I have been going mad for Bags of Sparkle…I’ve fallen head over heels for their Makki Eel skin accessories….WANT!

Last but not least, check out Lipstick and Lace. Think Junk Food rock inspired tees and Jeepers Peepers HUGE shades…with some vintage bits and pieces sneaking in too…

So, from kooky jewellery and gorgeous handbags to the cutest of cute pants purse which I’m buying NOW…this is the definitely the kind of Lunacy I could get used to!


Black Cuff

Electric Blue Makki Bag £87

Vintage RaybansVictoria Lace Top £49.50


~ by This Little Lady on July 27, 2009.

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