“Women are not just there to be admired….

……They’re there to be enjoyed” Ellen Von Unwerth

I love photographs. LOVE them. Photography is by far my favourite artform, and one of the many things I want to be able to do better.

I can spend hours thumbing through pages of photographs, looking at the composition, the subject, the light…

And if I had to choose one female Photographer to take pictures of me? It would be this lady – Ellen Von Unwerth.

Born in Germany in the 50’s, Ellen worked for the circus as assistant to the knife thrower before being spotted by a model agent in Frankfurt. After 10 years she swapped sides and began a new career as a Photographer, and I’m bloody glad she did.

Her pictures make me smile. There is a playfulness in each and every one, whether she’s shooting major celebrities or heading of down her favoured S&M route. The pictures are classy and fabulous…so I have all her books on order!

So before I get myself out into the sunshine to do absolutely nothing by the river for a while, I wanted to share these gorgeously amusing images that brought a smile to my face this pointless Saturday morning…

Ellen Von UnwerthEllen Von UnwerthEllen Von UnwerthEllen Von UnwerthEllen Von UnwerthEllen Von UnwerthEllen Von UnwerthEllen Von Unwerth

All images by Ellen Von Unwerth


~ by This Little Lady on August 8, 2009.

3 Responses to ““Women are not just there to be admired….”

  1. WOW


  2. yes, really impressive

  3. Thank you both – I think these images are knockout – she’s done so many fabulous photos I could write about her for days!

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