Me, Danny Dyer & The Soho Hotel…

Ahhhh, Danny Dyer. God bless him. I’m never quite sure if I fancy him or not. I think I do, but then he opens his mouth and comes out with something ridiculous and I scold myself for being so dirty. But then I’ll watch The Business for the 84th time and those naughty little lustful feelings will creep back up on me…..Danny Dyer


So, how on earth am I going to feel when I spend a night with him at The Soho Hotel?

Alright, alright….I’ll offer some clarification for legal reasons (and so The Boy doesn’t wonder what on earth is going on!) Tonight I’m off to a private screening of Mr Dyers Britflick – City Rats – in the lush screening room at The Soho Hotel. As far as I know, Danny won’t be there. 40 or so other people will be though. And there’ll be wine. So we’ll be happy.

The film had mixed reviews when it was released, (some of them pretty awful actually) but as with my opinion on the man himself, I will reserve judgment for the moment…and update you tomorrow.

Hope everyones enjoying the beautiful sunshine….


Oooh, he’s so grubby. Right now…I think I like it!


~ by This Little Lady on August 19, 2009.

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