Met the Parents!

OK, OK, so you were all right. I needn’t have worried. I’ll listen to you all in future, I promise…you’re a wise bunch.

The Parents are lovely! Not sure why I was expecting otherwise – after all, their son is pretty cool. But they’re everything you’d hope for; kind, funny, chatty, generous….and absolutely fabulous hosts.

GalwayIn all it really was a fabulous weekend – the sun even came out for us on Saturday, which was highly unexpected but provided perfect mooching weather for our little stroll through Galway City Centre. We explored the tiny but packed market, with gorgeous organic produce, freshly made sushi and home made preserves.  We spent far too long in Sheridans cheese shop, tasting almost everything, and leaving with a deliciously ripe and stinky bag of top quality, locally produced goats and cows cheeses. We stopped in the most archetypal Irish Bar we could find for a swift half of Guinness – the black stuff tastes so much better on it’s home soil – and we visited the Meyrick hotel for a delicious but ridiculously large afternoon cream tea. Beef finger sandwiches, 2 enormous scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, and three pastries really was too much….but believe me, we worked hard at it!

For The Boys Daddys birthday, we went for a great family meal at the Pier Head in Kinvara Bay. The food was good, the views even better…jokes a plenty and not even too much wine!

Kinvara BayAll too quickly it was Sunday – which we started with a full Irish Breakfast – one of the largest and most delicious starts to the day we could have wished for. The rain was back with a vengeance – turning the lush greenness of the day before into a strange, greyish colour – so we succumbed to a day of sport of the TV, cuddled up in thick socks on the sofa, messing about with the Dachshunds before tucking into the freshest, juiciest, rarest steaks, straight from the farmer down the road for our tea.

There isn’t one single things I could find to complain about. The Folks live in a stunning house in the middle of a beautiful, rural location that I would love to revisit. Boy-wise, food-wise, relaxation-wise and meetingthefamilypanicover-wise, I had a perfect weekend….and I feel like a very lucky little lady right now.

Hope you had as much fun.

Be great to hear what you got up to! x


~ by This Little Lady on August 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “Met the Parents!”

  1. Your post has just made me very very hungry. And I’ve just had my lunch…
    Sounds like a fab weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Am now craving cheese…

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