Awesome Sydney Challenge!

OK, so further to a couple of my posts last week, you all know that I have been handpicked as one of 20 bloggers given a fantastic opportunity to take part in a competition to win a trip to Oz…thanks to the lovely guys at 1000 heads and NSW Tourism.

SydneyThere will be 6 challenges over the next 6 weeks – and I need your help to win them! But I’m not being selfish…I’m not just going to use all of your ideas to win & then bugger off without even offering to buy you a beer for your troubles. No no. That wouldn’t do.

You see – the prize is pretty bloody fabulous. They’re not only offering one trip to Oz for me +1….they’re offering one for you guys too! So, everyone who sends me in an idea gets their name put in the hat** and gets the chance to win flights, accommodation & experiences in and around Sydney for them and a friend. YAY!!

So, I urge you to get your thinking hats on. I’ll announce the challenges every Monday and we have 1 week to come up with the solutions – please message me all your ideas and I’ll post up the top 3 every week.

Thank you! xxx

**Oh yeah, and the more ideas you send the more times your name gets put in the hat for th prize – so keep them coming!!


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