Challenge 1 – Sports – Our Winners!

So, this weeks challenge was to create a new game – based around the rules of a spot the play in Australia. See all the details here…and here.

I have to say we had some great ideas come through – The Roomy and I sat in on Friday night discussing the submissions and had a good giggle over some of them – some were very sensible and well thought out. Others were quite simply…well…crazy. Good job I like crazy!

Here are our top 3.

  • In third place….Emma! With her ace Anzac “Two Up” idea.
Heads Up
= 3 coins
A take on the Anzac game – Two up.  The Umpire keeps score. Each player flips 3 coins. The following scores apply;
3 heads – 6! 2 heads -4. 1 head – 1 run. All tails – HOWZAT!
Equipment required = 3 coins, 1 table
Players required = 2+ (plus umpire)Two Up
A take on the classic WWII Anzac game – Two up.  The Umpire keeps score. Each player flips 3 coins. The following scores apply (as per cricket);
3 heads – 6!
2 heads -4.
1 head – 1 run.
All tails – out. HOWZAT!
Each player is “in” until they flip all tails, or until a coin falls off the playing surface (table). The umpire keeps score.
  • In second place…Michael! With the fabulous game “Pom Bashing”
Equipment required = 1 easy to make game board coins, 1 coin
Players required = 2+
Polka dot board, larger than the Sydney board (this could be made out of newspaper with large dots placed on their randomly) Aim is to ‘win’ 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments; 5 cricket tests of the Ashes (i.e. vs England), 2 Rugby Union test matches (vs England), and 3 Rugby League test matches (vs GB). Giving 14 large spots on the board. To win the event (e.g. a cricket test match), the player must spin the coin from the centre circle and get it to land completely covering the hoped for events dot. If theGrand Slam coin only partially covers the dot the same player gets to spin again. If the coin doesn’t cover any part of any dot, or if it goes off the board, , the other player gets his/her turn.
There can be a wildcard football/soccer polka dot right at the edge of the board. If a player covers this with a coin spin he/she gets to claim 2 of the events (so, if they had been having difficulty getting the 3rd cricket test and the French Open tennis, they could claim these).
Winner is first to get all of the events.
  • And in first place…The Boy! (who’s name doesn’t go in the hat)…with his amazingly crazy idea of Silly Surfing (This is bonkers but made me laugh…a lot)
Equipment required = duct tape, and ironing board (or chair)
Players required = 3+ on each team
OK, you ready for this?! Divide your teams up into 3 (ideally – but 4 would also do). Choose the lightest of the team to be your “surfer”. Then, stand that person on the ironing board (or chair if ironing boards are not practical!) next to a wall. That person then strikes a surfing pose and their team mates duct tape them to the wall, while still in their pose, in a pre-determined time frame (we suggest between 3 ad 5 minutes to ensure proper tapeage) Points are awarded for the awesomeness of the pose (possible poses demonstrated below) At the end of the 3 minutes the stop watch starts and you wait for the “WIPEOUTS!” The person to stay taped to the wall the longest wins.
If the teams do not divide easily, one person should be the adjudicator and do the timing and pose scoring. Remember – duct tape may damage paintwork so this is best to do on glass or on a door! Also, please ensure the “wipeout zone” is well protected with cushions or similar to break the fall of your surfer 🙂
Surfing : Bonus Point 1! Lay flat on back horizontally & tape to wall.
Surfing : Bonus Points 2. Keep pose and tape to wall
Surfing : Bonus Points 3. Keep the pose and tape to wallSurfing : Bonus Points 4. Keep pose and tape to wallSurfing : Bonus Points 5. Keep pose and tape to wall (one leg taped only!!)
Please note:
  • These poses are only examples. Go wild and choose your own!
  • No Boys or Puppys were harmed in the making up of this game 🙂

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