Challenge 2 – Fashion – Our Winner!

Now, this challenge should have been easy. Really easy.

I spend most of my life with one eye on what’s happening in the fabulous world of fashion. Vogue is my Bible, Ms Westwood is my God & I will be buried in Louboutins.

Fashion, quite simply, rocks.

But, in all truth, I’ve struggled. The brief was fairly flexible, allowing us to take whatever route we fancied on the way to our final choice of outfit that truly represents Sydney. We could raid charity stores to come up with that perfect garment. We could sketch something superb. Or….well, the possibilities were endless really.

Couple of problems there tho.

Firstly, I have been in ridiculous amounts of pain this week. The Boy had to leave the U2 gig at Wembley early last night, as despite numerous beers I couldn’t take the back pain anymore (bless him). So raiding charity shops was pretty much out, and the constant supply of morphine was blocking out any creativity when it comes to getting out my colouring pens.

So, in short, I was stuck.

I had some great ideas come through – such as basing an outfit on Miss Australias Opera House at Sunset gown. Or creating a 50’s style prom dress with a structured bodice, with the top following the line of the opera house. Would have been quite cool. I even considered putting together a collage of sexy Sass & Bide designs – a little like this….

Sass & Bide

they are, after all, some of Australias finest designers (and the creators of my cutest ever jeans…)

But, as usual, I decided to go with the most random idea possible. Apples.

Yes, apples.

“What the hell have apples got to do with bloody Sydney?” I hear you cry. Well, they say you learn something new every day. And yesterday, I learnt that the famous & fabulous Granny Smith apple originated from Eastwood, Sydney, Australia. The locals even have a smashing little festival each year to honour little old Marie Ann Smith who “accidentally” grew a batch of these yummy apples in her orchard back in 1868.

So while I didn’t have time to design a dress out of apple peel, or place pips strategically to preserve my models (usually The Boy!) modesty – I did a little research and found this uber cute dress by Juicy Couture – that I think fits the theme bloody marvellously.

Apple dress

OK, so I didn’t design it. But it’s sweet – and those big shoulders? Bang on trend. I’d team it with some fabulous apple green killer heels, and bangles – lots of them.

Perfect for a night out in Sydney….or London….or anywhere really.

So there you go. Challenge 2 – DONE.

How do you like them apples?!


All ideas submitted will be put in the hat and ave the chance to win an all expenses paid trip for 2 to NSW, courtesy of 1000heads and Tourism NSW. The more ideas you subit, the more chances you get to win! Each challenge starts on a Monday and we get 7 days to complete it. Thanks millions for all your help so far, and please keep those amazing ideas coming for your chance to win! x

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