Challenge 2 – Fashion

Hey! Thank you to everyone for their amazing help last week – I had some top ideas through and am impressed with your brilliance…

But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no. This week, we’re on to a theme that’s close to my heart – and probably yours – FASHION. Yay!

I already have some nuggets of genius…but lots of brains are defnitely better than one…so please help! Remember, the more ideas ou send, the more time your name gets submitted into the hat fo the big prize…an all expenses paid trip to Australia for you and a friend – courtesy of SW Tourism and 1000 Heads 🙂

Hows that for an incentive?!

No to cork hats!So, here is this weeks challenge. Apparantly I’m waiting for a package in the post that should help….but until then I’m going on this!

Challenge 2: Fashion

Basically, we’re asking you to create an outfit that screams “I’m all about Sydney”. It can be hand-stitched, elegantly sketched or charity shop bought…as long as it stays clear of the Crocodile Dundee “cork hung hat”…it’s up to you!

Here are some links they have provided for inspiration…

7 days in Sydney – Arrival Day

7 days in Sydney – Bondi Markets

So, here’s where I beg. Please help. If there are any fashion designers who would like to knock up an amazing sketch, creatives who have some weird and wacky ideas, or gorgeous Australians who can provide an insight that I could never even dream of….get involved! Every idea provided gets their name put in the hat – so the more ideas, the more entries for you.

I know we can win this because you’re brilliant. I, on the other hand – am not so….

Please email all of your truly awesome ideas to



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