Challenge 4 – Wildlife – Our Winner!


Scientists in NSW, Australia, have confirmed in the last few minutes that they have discovered a previously unknown species in Sydney, Australia.

They have admitted that there is still some confusion over the discovered creatures, who have been found living happily in vast numbers in areas of the outback, due to their appearance. The animals appear to be half marsupial/half arachnid – but have been incredibly friendly and loving to each other and the humans who discovered them and are not thought to be a danger in any way.

There is a rumour spreading throughout the Zoologist community that the new species, which have been named WOMBIDERS (wom – bide – ers) may have been genetically created by esteemed but slightly crazy Professor JJ Mills, who became a hermit 3 years ago after promising to bring sprinkles of  love and friendliness to the planet earth. If there is any truth to this rumour, early indications point to the experiment being a success, as the Wombiders are such lovely, happy little chaps, and would appear to make perfect, albeit strange looking family pets.

An image of the newly discovered critters is shown below. If you see a Wombider in the wild – please do not be alarmed. Give them a little cuddle. That’s what they were invented for!



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